Kings of War Precision Pivoting Arc -Colored Acrylic

Plastic Color
Unit Type

  The Precision Pivoting Arc enhances gameplay of: game systems using unit trays that use center point rotation/pivoting.  Perfect turns, movement previews, enhanced accuracy and more give a boost to any commander on the field of battle. 


Arcs that are sized for the larger unit trays come in two pieces that interlock.  This lock is a very tight fit, a gentle yet firm wiggle will connect and disconnect the two pieces. 


*Some sizes in certain base colors may be out of stock, if you would like a size that is out of stock, please notate when you order, and allow time for manufacturing.  Thank You. 



*KoW Precision Pivoting Arcs are engraved and shipped with protective layer intact for ease of adding paint to the engravings if you wish to. 

*Song PPAs are engraved and pre painted, white with grey, red with gold, black with gold, and black with red.


Shipping is calculated using USPS first class.  For other shipping methods, or for larg/event orders, please contact me via email-


Precision Pivoting Arcs are a copyrighted product , designed by Karl Kersten, January 2017, all rights reserved

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