Precision Pivoting Arcs (c)

         Center point pivoting is now perfect, fast and simple

All that is required to start a pivot is the inside of the arc to touch ANY two corners of the movement tray.  You can then rotate the tray how you see fit, or even pick up the tray, take it with you to the other room, give the figures a motivational speech up close, then return the tray with ANY two corners of it touching the inside of the Arc. When used a few times, this becomes fast and easy, and once it becomes routine, one can argue faster than a normal pivot (since you don’t have to be careful or slow). 

Wait! There’s much more, Arcs can be used to preview movement and move, enhancing accuracy of your strategy, and in doing so, prevents the need to pivot at all!


— Ben Alexander Edwards, Mantic Pathfinder

"These arcs will also significantly speed up your game.  When testing the move of a unit a Precision Pivoting Arc will enable you to simulate the movement, including pivots, much quicker and without ever touching your unit. 

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